Chemical Education Journal (CEJ)

Asian Edition in English

Issued by the Society of Computer Chemistry, Japan (SCCJ)

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Chemical Education Journal (CEJ), an electronic journal on chemical education, is now changing its status to an international journal for those interested in chemical education, teaching and learning chemistry, in particular in the Asian-Pacific region, as well as in Japan. As the first effort, it published the Special Issue: Proceedings of the Special Symposium on Chemical Education in Asia, The 8th Asian Chemical Congress, Taipei, November 22-24, 1999. It covers twelve contributions to the Symposium. Now, it has Asian edition in English, covering the Chemical education scenes in FACS region and others in Asia and the world.

CEJ welcomes contributions related to any field of chemical education and especially those aimed at its development, in particular, in the Asian-Pacific area. Please visit the above Journal Home Page for details and the Guideline for Authors.

Editor of CEJ, Professor Masato M. Ito, Supporting Staff of ACEN.