Concept and Structure

(1) ACEN is an international human network, which is constructed on Internet, the international computer network, and which is maintained by, available for, and possessed of all the chemical educators throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

(2) ACEN is aimed at contributing the mutual advancement of chemical education in Asia-Pacific region, through exchanging information in chemical education of each country--curricula, materials ,tips and know-how, research reports, problems faced, all that might be useful or advisable for those in other countries--and through communication of questions and answers and other kind of styles.

(3) ACEN itself will be linked from various www sites, i.e., index sites related to chemistry and chemical education.

(4) ACEN itself will be linked to other national or regional www sites, or information available through www in Asia-pacific region, which are useful for chemical education in this region.

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Asia-Pacific Chemical Education Network
A Project of Federation of Asian Chemical Societies

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