Note for Contributors

ACEN accepts any information available to and useful for chemical educators in Asia-Pacific region, in particular, information that meets the interest all over the region.
It includes:

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  1. Database
    Database is the collection of the commpiled sets of numerical, text, and graphic information of chemical education on national, regional, or international basis. The theme of the database includes historical, populational, or other background, environment, materials of various kinds and so on.
    If possible, materials shall be located at your internet site (www, gopher, or ftp) and linked from the Database section of the ACEN home page. Hopefully, they shall be renewed in appropriate intervals, i.e., annually or so.
    The contributor of the database materials is encouraged to inform the title, internet address of the site where they are located, and a brief introduction of the materials to the Director.

  2. Article
    Articles introducing Data bases or Teaching Materials and Softwares, those focused on Teaching Strategies and Techniques, Communication among Chemical Educators, Practices in classroom, or Commentaries and Proposals on Chemical Education.
  3. Bulletin Board
    Bulletin Boards consists of announcements, introductions of topics, or articles on a specific theme.
    1. Calendar
      ÒCalendarÓ is for announcing national, regional and international events such as conferences, open seminars, workshops and other activities related to chemistry and chemical education in particular.
    2. Plaza
      ÒPlazaÓ is for announcing the items not suitable for ÒCalendarÓ. Hopefully this would be a place for exchanging opinions and questions, and answers to these.
    3. Address Book
      ÒAddress BookÓ lists the correspondents who will respond to questions directed to ACEN on behalf of each Chemical Society.
      1. Author of Chemical Education in Asia-Pacific.
      2. Correspondent who is ready to answer questions from abroad.
      3. Reporter who is expected to send important information to Calendar and Plaza.

    The contributor can either put the material at his site or send the materials to the Director. In the former case, he shall inform the title, internet address of the site where the material is located, and the class of board he wishes to notice. In the latter case, he shall send the material in an e-mail or 3.5" floppy diskette as a text file readable with an MS-DOS or Macintosh machine.

  4. WWW Sites Related to Chemistry and Education
    This lists the address of other www sites which are useful for chemical educators.
    The contributors shall inform the address of the particular site to the Manager.

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