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Welcome to STEP

International workshop on Static-Tribo-Electricity of Powder

STEP is a discussion-based international workshop on tribo-electricity and particle charging. The workshop scope covers a range of fundamental and applied topics related, but not limited to, the mechanism of generation of electrostatic charge, control of charged particles, measurement of electrostatic charge, and other topics related to tribo-electrisity. The workshop is open to all researchers and engineers in the field of Physics, Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and others. The STEP workshop provides an international forum to enable researchers and engineers in the field of tribo-electricity to have interactive dialog and to establish an international network.

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Tatsushi Matsuyama
Faculty of Science and Engineering, Soka University
Hachioji Tokyo 192-8577 JAPAN
tel&fax: +81(0)42-691-8169

International Organizing Committee (2019):

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