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・"「構造・反応性相関」に基づく化学反応速度予測の試み"、林堅太郎、伊藤眞人、井上博愛、創価大学創立25周年記念論文集、937-946 (1995).
["An Attempt for the Estimation of the Rate of Organic Chemical Reactions Based on Structure-Reactivity Relationship", Hayashi, Kentaro; Ito, Masato M.; and Inoue, Hakuai, Soka Daigaku 25 Shu-nen Kinen Ronbun-shu, 937-946 (1995 )]

["Control of Selectivity in Acylation of Glucosides", Report for the Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (05640618) (1995)]

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